Are Wimpy Words Costing You Business?

You know your work is vitally important -- that the people who use your services are changed forever as they wake up to a new understanding of who they are, why they matter, or what they are here to do. And you know that as more people get this vital transformation that you offer, that the world as a whole becomes a happier, healthier, more harmonious place for us all.

You may not have realized it, but between knowing what you want to offer and selling it, lies an invisible step that most business owners trip on. That step is finding simple, lively, clear words that capture the intangible outcome that your business provides, in a way that makes people sit up and say “I want that!” Without that piece, you’ll find that your marketing pieces fall flat, your efforts go nowhere and you attract too few clients or worse yet, the wrong ones.

What you need is to learn the new language of business, the language that lets you bring your internal understanding out into the world, the language that lets you talk about what you do so that people get it, right off the bat. With the right words, you’ll:

  • Be understood by your audience, maybe for the first time, and for exactly what you want to be known for.
  • Be more articulate and eloquent whenever you need to write or talk about your work.
  • Have more confidence when out in the world sharing your message.
  • Develop a more focused theme for your business that will entice people to buy from you.

That’s why Parlance Training developed the Work on Words Training: to give you the formulas you need, to help you think through your communication challenges, unearth the rich, vibrant vocabulary that’s already inside of you and make your great ideas shine.

We guarantee that we can get you to stronger, clearer, more persuasive words.

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